Forgotten Causes is an awareness club founded at Stuart Hall High School in San Francisco, California that aspires to inspire conversation and action regarding forgotten or ignored issues. These issues may include but are not limited to: natural disasters, political or social unrest and illegal exploitation of the poor. Being a part of a larger community with enough resources to bring awareness to these issues allows us to advocate for those who may not have the opportunity to voice their own issues to those in power.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to take our projects and put them into full-fledged function. If it is created through technology, the goal is to spread a message or method of reparation to a mass audience. However, the mission goes beyond the virtual world. Giving people an opportunity to engage with the issues at hand is a way to do community service for those of other communities. Service is the heart of this organization and we hope that by serving others through awareness, communication, and action that we can as well serve ourselves. Without question, our role at this point is to become the leaders and fully engage in this process as a whole. Moreover, the overall goal is to provide the tools and opportunities to allow a community to follow their leaders on a path of global engagement and community service.

If you would like to join contact: forgottencauses.chs@gmail.com